Mike Hampton

name Mike has been working on cars and trucks since he got his first Olds 442 in the early 70's. Since then he was worked on many vehicles and is deeply interested in electronics and the new computer controls of todays vehicles. While it might seem they are limiting the DIY'r he thinks just the opposite. With the right OBDII Code Reader and Haynes repair Manual you can do far more than the days of screwdrivers and timing lights.

The Reason Why we should use Obd II Codes

11th August 2010
Automotive diagnostics has been the basis on troubleshooting vehicle problems since electronic emission controls have been incorporated by manufacturers in vehicles. Electronic devices such as sensors and engine control units (ECU) are part of engine oper... Read >

The things you must know about Mini Cooper Service Manual

11th August 2010
When there is something that needs to be done in our car, we always refer to the manual. The more so, when we are not familiar with the process to be done and what tools we need. In some cases we don't even know how to locate the part that needs to be che... Read >

Rochester Carburetors

22nd April 2010
Rochester carburettors can be found in all General Motors cars and trucks especially to those which have been manufactured from 1960s up to the middle part of 1980s where fuel injection was first introduced to the market. Carburadores Rochester if properl... Read >

The History of Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor

22nd April 2010
In the car parts market, the Rochester Company is a trusted brand when it comes to high quality and long lasting carburettors. The most popular product of Carburador Rochester is the Quadrajet. Technically, the Quadrajet Carburador Rochester is a four-bar... Read >

The evolution of Ford Pick-up Trucks

19th April 2010
Ford Pick-up trucks are very popular around the world especially in United States and Canada because of their reliability, power, face value and durability. It is believed that Ford built their pick-up trucks to be very tough that many rednecks as well as... Read >

VW Amarok pick-up truck vs. the new Toyota Hilux

02nd March 2010
Pick-up trucks are very much popular among people who often transport loads with large dimensions that cannot be fitted inside mini vans. Its main feature that separates it from other vehicle types is the open-top rear cargo area which is popularly called... Read >