The History of Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor

Published: 22nd April 2010
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In the car parts market, the Rochester Company is a trusted brand when it comes to high quality and long lasting carburettors. The most popular product of Carburador Rochester is the Quadrajet. Technically, the Quadrajet Carburador Rochester is a four-barrel carburettor mounted on every General Motors vehicles for almost 20 years now. Several generations have already been produced but the later versions were not so different as compared to the first model in terms of appearance. General Motors for a very long time have proven the reliability of Carburador Rochester and it never fails them as it is being used by their cars. The Quadrajet carburettor is considered as a very versatile carburettor because it is the perfect pick for modifiers.

Despite the versatility of the Quadrajet Carburador Rochester, it was never intended for high performance. General Motors Company manufactures cars for a lot of specific purposes depending on how the customers need it. Likewise, carburettors should also be very flexible so as to be compatible with the features of the specific car engine allotted for it. Since that several manufacturers of carburettors present in the market, they were competing with each other on how to meet the strict engine requirements of the Federal laws. In such competition, the Quadrajet Carburador Rochester dominated the other brands. Climbing to the pinnacle was not an easy job for the Rochester Company so we need to look back into some significant events in History in order to know this brand more.

The earliest carburettor production of the Rochester Company was in 1966 where they introduced the Quadra jet which was later on characterized as the icon or symbol of the company's excellence. The 1966 Quadrajet version look very similar with the recent models on the outside, there were already a lot of improvements in the inside. The Carburador Rochester being a product department of the larger General Motors Company is situated in Rochester, New York. They started building single to multi-bore carburettors and automotive repair manuals for GM since 1949. They were not the ones who distributed their own products however because it was the AC Delco Division who did it for them as well as the issuing of service manuals and components for their carburettors.

Rochester eventually developed their 4 barrel casted carburettors which was named as 4G and became the main carburettor used by GM cars starting from the middle of 1950's until mid 1960's. However, concerns and issues associated with the environment became more and more serious thus the company faced both economic and emission problems. You need to use bentley repair manuals. They could not anymore continue on producing their traditional 4-barrel casted carburador Rochester so they improved it by making it more fuel efficient paving the way to the creation of the Quadrajet. Quadrajet Carburador Rochester at present is the one utilized by current GM models and it will still be used in the future models as long as the federal government remains strict in imposing the environmental laws.

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