VW Amarok pick-up truck vs. the new Toyota Hilux

Published: 02nd March 2010
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Pick-up trucks are very much popular among people who often transport loads with large dimensions that cannot be fitted inside mini vans. Its main feature that separates it from other vehicle types is the open-top rear cargo area which is popularly called as the bed. The bed is usually separated from the cab to enable chassis flex in times that very heavy loads are being carried or pulled. Pick-ups are very versatile because they can be converted into full time delivery trucks for business purposes or they can be excellent sports vehicles. At present Toyota's top pick-up truck which is the Hilux leads the market sales. The 2010 Toyota Hilux model is the latest version of the Hilux which has been enhanced for better performance and features. Meanwhile, Volkswagen automobile company is also planning to release their latest pick-up truck model within this year. The vehicle is called VW Amarok. The company announced that the 2010 Toyota Hilux was used as a benchmark in manufacturing this model. Amarok is believed to go head to head with the Hilux in terms of market sales as soon as it will be displayed in car shops all over the world. Since that the latter was the benchmark in producing the former, the automotive repair manuals for Amarok shows features that are more advanced than its soon to be rival. We will compare these two pick-up trucks in this article.

Both the new Hilux and Amarok are four-door pick-up trucks which almost have the same size, shape, and dimension with each other upon first glance. The Amarok has a payload capacity of 1.15 tonnes and 2.8 tonnes max towing limit. It boasts of its cargo area of 2.52 square meter having dimensions of 1,555mm long and 1,620mm wide which is the largest in its class. The frontal design of the Amarok is also an adventurous combination of the Transporter and Golf models. Furthermore, the more advanced features of Amarok include an electronic differential lock (EDL) and a dedicated Off-road ABS for shortened distances of braking in rough terrains. Another interesting thing is that it has a Hill Descent Assist that can be activated when it is running under 20 mph. Also, its ESP Plus system involve Hill Hold Assists that keep it from rolling back by making it stay in place on inclined planes until the accelerator has been pressed. Moreover, it is also environment friendly because it is Euro5 compliant. Its engine is a fuel efficient 2.0 litre TDI that can produce 163 PS and having a torque of 400 Nm at 1,500 rpm. The engine has a six-speed manual transmission that has the lowest C02 emission in its class at less than 200g/km. It consumes lesser gas than the Hilux by far at 600 miles per 80 liters. You can have a VW Amarok if you have around $35,000.

A fully equipped new Toyota Hilux on the other hand is slightly more expensive than the VW Armarok. Compared to its previous version, the 2010 Hilux is equipped with a revised engine which is a D-4D type that can produce 142 bhp which is 20% more powerful compared to the old one. This new power was derived from the bigger pistons as well as the new high-output turbocharger and fuel injectors. The Hilux is already tested and proven to last for a very long time and it also has a high resale value. However, the 2010 Amarok is simply better in almost every aspect based on its haynes repair manuals. It is more spacious, more fuel efficient, relatively cheaper, better acceleration and handling. The Hilux has poor handling and it creates irritating engine noise based on several road tests conducted. Not to mention it also failed the moose test proving that it is less reliable than the Amarok as far as safety is concerned. The VW Amarok will surely be a hit this 2010. VW has high expectations that their model will put an end to the reign of the Hilux in the global pick-up trucks market.

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